Random Acts Rebecca Stauffer main 1

Rebecca Stauffer, one of our amazing attorneys, is working hard this week on her random acts of kindness.

First, she is sending cards to elderly people she knows and a few cards to some people she knows that are struggling during this time.

Next, she is sending out a few birthday cards with a $2 bill in them (“I always thought they were so cool when I was younger” – Rebecca Stauffer) to a couple of children.

While she doesn’t know them personally, a Facebook friend either posted or shared the story about a child’s birthday coming up and how they were really bummed having to be stuck at home and not being able to see friends.

We’re all feeling a little down being stuck at home without friends, but it’s also important to do right now.

We remind everyone that staying safe now and for the coming weeks is crucial to helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

We hope you join us in our #RandomActs32 movement and help to improve someone else’s day!