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Real Estate Legal Help

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Bailey Law For Arizona Real Estate Professionals

Legal issues permeate all aspects of their work. We are here to help advise to prevent legal problems and represent your interests in litigation. Common legal issues facing realtors and brokers including misrepresentation, breach of legal duty, professional negligence, unauthorized practice of law, and breach of contract.

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Bailey Law For Arizona Real Estate Investors

There are millions of real estate investors in the United States. We draft and review contractors and navigate legal issues for wholesalers, landlords, buy-and-hold and fix-and-flip investors. For landlords, our firm drafts and reviews lease agreements.

We utilize dispute resolution to head-off problematic tenants and utilize the legal process to seek all available remedies when appropriate.

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Bailey Law for Arizona Commercial Real Estate

Our business law and real estate practice intersects in providing commercial real estate services. We handle commercial purchase agreements for both buyers and sellers and commercial lease agreements for both lessors and lessees.

Our lawyers negotiate legal terms and ensure you understand all aspects of your lease or purchase agreement.

Bailey Law for Arizona Real Estate Do-it-Yourselfers

More and more Americans are handling their own home sale and purchase. However, you are still dealing with a legal contract and for an affordable flat fee our lawyers will draft or review your residential purchase agreement.

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How Bailey Law is different than other Real Estate legal service providers

Our real estate practice addresses both transactional and litigation issues. We utilize our vast litigation expertise in a way that pure transactional attorneys cannot do. Because we know how contract terms play out in the courtroom, we are in the best position to protect your interests in the front-end.

Because our firm handles other practice areas like business law and estate planning, we are uniquely positioned to handle real estate issues that intersect other areas of law. Our team takes the time to ensure you understand the contracts and legal issues facing you and your business. We utilize innovative legal solutions to address your legal needs head-on.

The best part, with limited exception, all legal work is flat fee: Sound advice. Transparent price.