Estate Planning

When you die, who will inherit your home, belongs, and debt? Image of a home you may be legally entitled to.



Bailey Law Firm handles all aspects of estate planning in Arizona… wills, trusts, probates, and power of attorney documents. We utilize our personalized approach and vast skills to develop an estate plan that fits your family’s needs and protects what’s important. 

Here’s what to expect when you work with us to create and manage your estate plan. Our team will sit down and meet with you for a consultation to learn more about your family and wishes. We will discuss the best options to fit your needs and quote a flat fee to establish your estate plan including all pertinent documents and advise. We will make sure you completely understand your documents.

Flat Fee Attorneys

No more attorney bills for calling your estate planning attorney to ask a simply question. All advice and conversations are included in the flat fee.

We want you, our clients, to feel free to ask as many questions as it takes to understand your estate plan. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive strategy and to make the process as simple as possible. Get started by completing our Estate Planning Worksheet today. 


Bailey Law Estate Planning Services

Our services includes planning and management during life, such as guardian and conservators, power of attorney documents and living wills. Designating people to handle affairs during life can prevent costly and avoidable issues. A little planning can also ensure your wishes are followed if you are not able to make your own decisions.

After a loved one has passed, our team will work diligently to make the wrapping up process as smooth as possible. Even for uncontested matters, certain steps must be taken by the executor or trustee.

If there is no executor or trustee and/or probate must be opened, we can take the stress off your family’s plate and ensure everything is handled appropriately. Get started today by completing our Estate Planning Worksheet online.

Handing over a model home after a loved one dies

Why you need a lawyer

Planning your estate is not an easy task. While planning your estate on your own is manageable, there are certain standards you must meet. Without careful help, you may make mistakes.
You may not even consider details which are essential to planning an estate, like taxes. This means your belongings might not get distributed how you want.
Estates need to follow state laws and statutes to be valid. This process can be daunting. Thinking about death and planning ahead for it can be emotionally exhausting. Let Bailey Law Firm assist you in handling your assets. We tailor your estate plan. Our trusting lawyers are ready to help you any way you need.
The estate planning attorneys at Bailey Law Firm can advise you in your estate planning needs. Whether you are starting to build your estate… or want to protect your wealth that you have grown over your lifetime.
If you have minor children, estate planning can make sure that they are provided for. Personally and financially, upon your death or incapacity.

Want to learn more?

These curated articles are unique to Bailey Law Firm and help guide you to planning your estate.

We realize this is a difficult subject for many and are here to assist you with all your planning needs. Together, we can ensure that no one bares a burden after you are gone. Enjoy these articles and please connect if you have any questions at all.

Is a will or trust best for me?

Many people wonder whether a trust or will is best for them. We hear all the time, "Is a will or trust best for me?" The pros and cons of a will The pros of a will are that it can direct where you'd like your assets to go. Whereas, if there's no direction in place,...

What type of Deed?

There are several different types of deeds.  At times, there can be confusion over the proper deed to use for the circumstance. Below is a list of common deeds: Warranty Deed: This type of deed provides the highest level of protection for the buyer as it includes the...

Medical Decisions

Do my estate planning documents cover medical decisions?   There are three components to your medical directives and medical decisions. These three components are:   a living will a health care power of attorney a mental health care power of attorney   You may also...

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What do I need to do to get my estate plan started?

First, set up an appointment with an estate planning attorney at Bailey Law Firm. You may call or main number at (480) 681-5408 or book online at Once you call to begin the process you will be amazed at how good you will feel knowing you are...

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