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Business and Corporate Law

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Bailey Law Firm has the skill and experience to be your counsel in your business venture. We’re founded by a lawyer, M.B.A. and entrepreneur. As an Arizona business, you need special attention and care. That’s why we specialize in business and corporate law in Arizona.
Our business law work is flat fee. We know predictable costs are especially important for business owners. We will get to know your business needs and goals to provide thorough and excellent service.
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How much does a small business attorney cost?

Whether you’re just starting or have been in business for a while, we’re here to help. As litigators, we know the language and clauses needed to protect your business. We love helping fellow entrepreneurs. Let us handle the legal stuff so you can focus on bringing great ideas to the marketplace.

Flat Fee Services for Organizations:

Bailey Law Firm routinely provides a variety of business law services for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • Draft or review incorporation documents
  • Draft or review business documents such as liability waivers and non-disclosure agreements
  • Draft or review third party contracts with customers or vendors
  • Draft or review policies and procedures
  • Secure, protect and litigate intellectual property
  • Research legal issues
  • Advice regarding legal concerns
  • Counsel regarding liability exposure
  • Business law litigation
  • Business purchase or sale
  • Lease or sub-lease agreements

We’ll learn about your business and develop a customized package that meets your needs. Our flat fee includes several conferences with you. These ensure all your questions get answered, as well as a written summary of our research, findings and analysis.

Should I hire an attorney to start a business?

Starting a new business? Get moving quickly with our Business Formation online form. We’ll take your information and get the process started with you.

Looking to Trademark part of your business and marketing? Get started with our online Trademark Registration form.


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Business and Corporate Law Litigation

Our litigators handle business disputes among partners and against third parties. It is not uncommon for business partners to disagree or have issues. We can serve as a mediator to help resolve the problems. If insurmountable, we pursue the best possible legal outcome for our clients.
Outcomes may include ousting the “problem partner” or removing yourself from the business with a fair buyout.
We also handle business commercial lawsuits. Typically between businesses including breach of contract and intellectual property disputes. Handled differently than typical lawsuits and we have the expertise to pursue your interests.
Our team understands business and its unique problems. We use an innovative, tough, and efficient approach to managing litigation and maximizing client results.
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Counsel On-Demand for your business

Our on-demand program is a unique service provided to entrepreneurs and small business owners. For a fixed and transparent rate, you can have the same, customized in-house counsel services as a large corporation: access to your lawyer and business legal advice anytime you need it. No more scrambling to find a lawyer every time a legal need arises. No more cost uncertainty and large, hourly bills.

To reserve your corporate counsel, you pay a one-time annual retainer. This means that we reserve time to handle your business needs as they arise for that year. When you need our services, this retainer will be applied to the services rendered. We anticipate the annual retainer will cover most or all of the legal services a typical small business will need throughout the year.

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Non-Profit Business Law & Services

There are specific requirements to set-up a non-profit organization and Bailey Law Firm is here to help. We provide legal services to non-profit organizations at a significantly reduced rate, because we love being part of causes that better the world. A non-profit is a business that should be protected just like any for-profit business. We therefore provide a variety of business services for non-profits:

  • Draft initial incorporation documents such as Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, that are compliant with state law
  • Provide guidance on seeking tax-exemption status, including drafting compliant incorporation
  • Advice regarding legal concerns or liability exposure
  • Draft or review third party contracts with customers, clients or vendors
  • Draft or review policies and procedures
  • Litigation defense
Our team will meet with you to learn about your non-profit, then develop a customized package to meet your business needs. The project will be done at a flat and reduced rate.