Bailey Law Team

jenna bailey, founder & litigation attorney

Jenna Bailey

Founder and Lead Trial Attorney

With a decade of experience litigating cases, Jenna has handled hundreds of depositions, dozens of jury trials and countless court appearances. Jenna prides herself on having a stellar reputation among fellow attorneys, colleagues at all levels and judges. Her secret sauce litigation style is a perfect mix of a laid-back “I got this” energy and tough advocacy.

Stephen Walker Bailey Law

Stephen Walker

Personal Injury and Estate Planning Attorney

Stephen worked as a prosecutor for over a decade and has now expanded into private law practicing Personal Injury and Estate Planning.  Stephen has a passion for helping people navigate for the most compensation possible for an accident or personal injury.  He also enjoys developing comprehensive Estate plans that meet the needs of clients and the needs of their families.

Cynthia A. Braun

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Cynthia has practiced in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence for 30 years, joining Bailey Law Firm recently after relocating from New Mexico to Arizona.  After graduating from The George Washington University School of Law in Washington, D.C., Cynthia’s first job as an attorney was with an insurance defense firm that represented insurance companies against claims brought by injured people.

cynthia braun bailey law attorney