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Bailey Law Firm

Bailey Law Firm is an elite and talented team dedicated to pursuing excellent results for our clients. Our team has decades of legal experience and substantial trial experience. We pride ourselves on our great reputation among judges and other lawyers.


When you hire Bailey Law Firm, we guarantee a lawyer who is:

Experienced in handling million dollar cases

Well-regarded among judges and other lawyers

Passionate for working with clients

Connected with a network of expert witnesses to help prove your case

Battle-tested in jury trials.

Jenna Bailey and Casey DeLisa-Hughes in conversation about a client

Our practice areas complement one another because:

Our litigation experience helps us advise businesses from a practical and real-world litigation perspective

Our transactional practice keeps us on the most cutting edge aspects of statutes, regulations, and caselaw.

Bailey Law is passionate about working with clients. Getting to know our clients, pursuing excellent results, and solving their legal problems is our motivation.

We make the legal process as easy as possible for our clients.

Through litigation, Bailey Law Firm raises awareness for unsafe conditions, procedures, and practices throughout Arizona and the US.

Bettering our community in all respects is a core value of our business. Our firm is active in our community through donations, volunteer work, and participation in charitable events.

Jenna Bailey, founder of Bailey Law Firm

Based in Arizona

And licensed in several states, we partner with lawyers across the country to handle matters in America. This need generally arises because a client who lives in Arizona is injured or doing business in another state. That does not stop us from pursuing justice on your behalf!

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