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Employment Law Services


Bailey Law Firm Employment Law for Employers

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Our team advises small and medium-sized companies on employment law issues including hiring, firing, and workplace issues and allegations. There is a lot to navigate and we work to make sure your business is protected from liability.

We draft policies and procedures to ensure the right protocols are in place to avoid problems and expense, and position your business strong in the event of a lawsuit. For an affordable and predictable flat fee, we advise business owners on how to handle sensitive situations and to prevent problems before they arise.

In the event of a lawsuit, our best employment law attorneys will put on their litigation hats and vigorously defend your business.


Bailey Law Firm Employment Law for Workers

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Worker’s Compensation

Our firm handles worker’s compensation matters. Injured workers are entitled to lost wages and medical expenses relating to injuries that occur on the job. The insurance company’s goal is to pay as little as possible and close your case as soon as possible. Our job is to protect your interests and ensure you receive what you are entitled to.

Suing Employers

Our firm routinely handles employment law and legal claims of sexual harassment, mishandling of sensitive issues, hostile work environment, whistle blower actions and wrongful termination. Because Arizona is an at-will work state, there is a limited set of circumstances that constitution wrongful termination.

Our team as the expertise with employment law to determine if you have a cause of action. We are experienced in handling multi-million dollar lawsuits and will work to maximize any compensation you are owed.

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