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This week, our own Kyra Goddard gave back to the community in some unique ways. This is a part of the #RandomActs32 movement our firm is taking part in.

Kyra sent thank you texts and videos to friends and family in the healthcare profession. These are our people on the front-lines and we all respect them greatly.

She also checked in on friends and family who have been sheltering in place alone and may feel isolated.

A small thing, but a large gesture can often be to smile.

We make a point to smile, wave, and say “hi” to everyone  we see while walking, biking and playing outside (from an appropriate distance of course).

This is the smallest thing but seems to have made the biggest impact on both my kids and others – we have had several people (especially older ones)  learn my kids names, stop to chat with them (again from a distance- usually across the street) and tell us that it makes their day, which in turn makes ours!

Kyra Goddard – Bailey Law Firm Attorney

Leaving reviews and giving positive feedback to managers of the delivery companies, restaurants, and other local businesses we have been trying to support during all of this.

Helping our local businesses by leaving positive reviews and sharing our support of these businesses on social media is a small effort often with a big outcome.

We believe that relationships and trust are formed, or lost, in turbulent times.