slip and fallA slip and fall seem like quite a straightforward accident with many potential causes. A slip and fall may occur due to a crack in the sidewalk or a wet floor. However, not every accident comes with a detectable cause. You can protect your business from liability and resulting damages with the right slip and fall protocol in place.

Industries most prone to Slip and Fall

While a mishap can take place anywhere, there are certain business types and industries which are most prone to a slip and fall accident. Slip and falls in the following settings are particularly prevalent:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Movie Theatres
  • Playgrounds
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

In addition to a lawyer-drafted slip and fall protocol, the following precautions can help prevent slip and falls and shield your business from liability:

  1. Conduct and document regular inspections on your property. Keep a tab on the potential hazards present in your premises.
  2. If a hazard is detected, display warnings such as cones, caution signs and tape blocking off the area with cleaning alerts and movable signs.
  3.  Video surveillance is a great way to disprove liability. If someone claims a slip and falls a video mall helps show it was really a fall of their own doing. Video may also show proper warning signs in place even if there was a hazard.
  4. If a fall does occur at your business, an incident report should be completed. Include the time, witnesses to the fall if any and injuries. Note the description events as given by the fallen party and any third-party witnesses (employees or other patrons). Note whether there was a dangerous condition observed and if so any precautions in place to warn patrons of the condition.

If a person is seriously injured on your premise from a slip and fall, the chances of a claim are high. It is therefore important to engage a business lawyer and litigator on the front end to help put your business in the best position possible to minimize liability in the event of a fall.