Happy 3 year anniversary Cynthia Braun

All kidding and sillyness aside, everyone at Bailey Law Firm has been influenced in some powerful way by Cynthia Braun. 

Cynthia, we wish you happy anniversary on this 3rd year along with some personal wishes from each of us.  Thank you, Cynthia 🙂

There are some hires that profoundly impact a business and Cynthia is undoubtedly one of those hires for my firm. Over the past three years, she has done great work for our clients, set a positive example for our team and been instrumental to our growth. Cynthia’s commitment to quality work backed by her passion for helping people squarely, reflects Bailey Law Firm’s core values. Thank you, Cynthia, for your hard work and dedication. I look forward to many, many more years having you as a core and invaluable member of the Bailey Law Team!     -Jenna

Cynthia, Another year in the books! Really can’t imagine this team without you.  Happy 3-year anniversary!      — Charis

Congrats Cynthia! Thank you for your dedication to your cases and willingness to teach a thing or two to some newcomers, OH and thank you for sharing Winston with the office he’s the best puppy ever!!!     -Taylor

Cynthia – a pleasure knowing you and an honor working with you.  Thank you for being you.  -Best, Murph

Cynthia, I’m very grateful that I’ve gotten to know you.  You are a perfect example of excellence and empathy.  Congratulations.      -Steve

Cynthia, you are already on the Mt. Rushmore of Bailey Law Firm, yet you still have many more glorious cases to conquer. It’s an honor to work beside you. Happy 3 Years!     -MJ Erike

Meal do naidheachd!  Keep hammering away.  Mony a mickle maks a muckle! Happy 3 year anniversary!   -David

Happy Anniversary! Great working with you.     -Melody

Cynthia, You are such an inspiration! Cheers to another year, happy 3 year work anniversary! – Jennifer

Cynthia, thanks for being such a cool mentor & providing great advice. Happy 3 years!


Cynthia, I am really happy to have “mostly” been here on this journey with you and our dream team.  We have come a long way and I cannot imagine this firm without you! – Maria

Cynthia, it is a pleasure and privilege to work with you and have you as a mentor. What a legacy you are building here. Happy anniversary!


Celebrating three years of your talent and hard work! Happy 3rd work anniversary!    -Heather Pfaff