Bailey Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney

Been involved in a car accident but it was not your fault?  Slipped on some commercial property due to lack of maintenance?  Suffered any injury because of someone else’s negligence?

If any of this has happened to you and you think that your case is clear cut when you go to the insurance firm, we recommend you not to fall into the trap. The legal term is known as ‘tort’ and it can be both direct (intentional) or indirect (due to negligence). In any such case, don’t go solo but consult legal help and hire a personal injury attorney. You will be amazed by the benefits he or she  will bring on the table for you. Need more convincing? Then check out these four points that would convince you why going to an injury attorney is in your best interest.

Experience of the attorney

Injury attorneys have the career-long experiences of dealing with such cases. Just upon hearing the whole incident, they would figure out the way to evaluate your case. All you have to do is tell your attorney what happened.Because of their experience, injury attorneys can quickly determine strengths and weakness of your case.

So after any kind of accident, consulting with an injury attorney is beneficial because only he or she can appropriately tell you how strong is your case.

Dealing with defendant party and insurance company

Once you hire an injury attorney, then that attorney will represent your interests in negotiation with opposing counsel and the defendant’s insurance company. And mind you, it’s not easy to deal with the insurance companies.

It is the job of the insurance personnel to settle your claim as quickly and in as less money as possible, and that will surely happen if you go alone to demand your claim. But an injury attorney, after evaluating your case will figure out how much claim is fitting and deal with the other side for you. The attorney can also save you from the stress of all the insurance paperwork that is required at the time of claim.

And should you have suffered a serious injury, then hiring an injury attorney Is a must.  Your priority should be coping with the injury while your attorney represents your interests in pursuing the claim. So hiring an attorney will not only benefit you in terms of your claim, but it will also benefit you emotionally and mentally in the case of a serious injury.

Defending you from the counter-claims

In some kind of accidents, usually road accidents and brawls, you are not the only that is harmed. The other party must have got harmed in some way and they have all the right to consult legal help, just like you. In such situations, you cannot go alone and only an attorney can save you from the claims pressed by the opposing party’s lawyer.

In many cases, injury attorney don’t only work as lawyers, but as investigators also. Their long experience allows them to investigate the case and pick out details that would go against other parties. They can efficiently research the incident and talk to witnesses and gather all the information that would be relevant to the case.

Out of the court settlement

Your attorney can position your case to maximize the chance of settlement without filing a lawsuit.  This can mean a quicker settlement so that you can move on with your life.  If it is necessary to file a lawsuit and pursue litigation formally, your attorney will handle the process every step of the way.