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Erin Purse

Victim Advocate

Bailey Law is thrilled to be the only law firm in the county to provide a victim advocate for clients. This is a concept from criminal law that is underutilized in the civil context. Our clients are the victims of third-party wrongdoing who are left, through no fault of their own, to deal with their injuries and navigate the legal system. Our legal team handles the legal stuff, while Erin helps with our client’s emotional health and wellbeing throughout the process.


Erin spent ten years as a Victim Advocate at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. She managed a caseload of 180-200 felony trial cases and won several awards, including Advocate of the Year (2013). She was selected to work with victims and families on the most serious cases, including high-profile death penalty cases.

Currently, in addition to partnering with Bailey Law, Erin works at the Glendale Police Department as a Victim Assistance Caseworker. She provides on-scene crisis intervention and counseling to crime victims and their families. Erin continues to receive prestigious awards, including a Certificate of Recognition from the Glendale Police Chief and the Glendale Advocacy Center (2017).

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Between Erin’s extensive experience, impressive achievements and educational background in Psychology, our clients are in the very best hands. The legal process can be dauting and overwhelming, especially when you are already injured, physically and emotionally. That is where Erin steps in. She is an asset to our team and our clients throughout litigation, including during depositions, court hearings, and trial.