Announcing Rebecca Stauffer as our Director of Education main

We are pleased to announce the formal launch of our Education Program.  Attorney Rebecca Stauffer will be heading up this program as Director of Education. The program’s goal is to ensure our attorneys are always pursuing the best, and most cutting-edge, continuing education opportunities.

Why continuing education is a priority

Rebecca seeks innovative education opportunities for our team to further education. The goal is to continue to bring the very best legal services to our clients.

There is another aspect of this program. Adding value to students’ education by providing an opportunity to work with and learn from our team. This provides valuable experience that will carry them throughout their legal careers. 

Rebecca seeks and recruits law students who have an interest in furthering their legal experience and skills. By learning from our team, Law Clerks with Bailey Law learn what its like to meet with real clients. These clients have real legal needs. 

Students have the opportunity to work on multi-million dollar cases under the guidance of our skilled team. The value goes both ways.

Law Clerks add value to our cases by bringing a fresh perspective from people who are on the ground of the very latest in the law. Our program gives them the opportunity for real-world experience. This prepares them to pursue successful careers serving those with legal needs.

Not just for law students

We also recruit students in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and marketing. Our law firm is run like a business. Business students have the unique opportunity to learn what it’s like to make management decisions, financial decisions and marketing decisions. 

Marketing students have the opportunity to create and develop social media campaigns, blogs and put in place other marketing strategies.

We strive to enhance our firm and to better the community. Our education program helps develop the skills and education of students.

Wrapping it all together

At Bailey Law, we put education high on the priority list. Our education program helps legal and business students prepare for the real-world.

If you’re looking for a great opportunity, please reach out to Rebecca to get started.